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crip_crit's Journal

Film and lit crit about disability
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Discussing portrayals of disability in literature and film
What this community is about

Discussion of the portrayal of disability in literature, film, TV, art, opera, and any other arts where it can pop up. You're welcome whether you have a PhD in the subject or just want to analyse what you saw on TV last night (or five years ago: TV episodes don't have to be current). All disciplines and approaches welcome, from queer theory to social anthropology to pop culture. You don't have to be disabled to talk here, anyone is welcome as long as they're friendly.

What this community is not about

"Here's a place to criticise people with disabilities!" If you think this would be fun, we suggest that you go and contemplate the Error of Your Ways somewhere in private.

"Here's a place for people with disabilities to criticise everybody else!" Nope, not that either, although we can sympathise rather more here. Try gimp_vent for letting off steam or dot_gimp_snark for having a good snark.


1. Play nicely with the other children. Don't throw dramas or get into oneupmanship games about who's more oppressed/privileged, and don't get snooty if someone doesn't get a reference.

2. The answer to the question of how disability is portrayed in literature/film/TV is generally "bloody appallingly", so there will inevitably be a certain amount of snarkiness and even ranting, but try not to get too angry about it all in your discussions.

3. Normal-sized black font please, with no weird formatting or huge chunks of text in italics or anything of that sort, and if you use text speak or flashing images we will *shoot* you. Some of us have visual or concentration difficulties, so do take the trouble to make sure that what you write is readable.

4. On the other hand, many of us will have perfectly good excuses for typos or brain-fog-induced waffling, so cut people a break and if you're not sure what they mean, ask.

5. SPOILERS! Assume that no matter how well-known it is, someone out there hasn't read/seen it yet. Yes, even The Lord of the Rings. Put a clear spoiler warning and an LJ-cut.

6. On that subject, LJ-cuts are noble things, use them liberally. If someone reading their friends page with slightly larger than usual font would need to scroll down to see the whole post, put in a cut. Instructions on how to do that are here, and instructions on how to edit a post that you've already put up are here.

7. If you want to reference critical theory or literary criticism, fantastic, go right ahead, but explain it or link to an explanation for the benefit of those who haven't studied the subject.

8. No advertising, spam or fanfiction. Off-topic posts will be deleted, and repeat offenders will be banned. Community promotions will be left up or deleted depending on how relevant and snappy they are.

9. Tagging posts would be much appreciated. If it's a film or TV show, just put the name, e.g. "the piano" or "house md". If it's a book, author and book title, e.g. "dickens" and "great expectations", although if it's best known for being a novel series such as "sookie stackhouse" that will do fine. Then add a tag or two for the issues discussed, e.g. "diabetes" or "wheelchairs". You can check the current tag list to see what's already there, so that we don't end up with two similar tags for the same thing. Then we can all find posts easily through the tag list at the side.