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"Inspector Lewis" -- Point of Vanishing (Masterpiece Mystery! -- PBS)
Colors of me, Me
capriuni wrote in crip_crit
Tonight (on most stations -- check local listings, etc.), there's going to be a repeat of "Inspector Lewis," where the plot revolves around a family whose teenage daughter becomes paralyzed in a car crash, and the action is driven by the different family members' reaction to same -- including the daughter's reaction.

The first time it aired, I got to wondering how the way this is dealt with reflects the difference between Britain's predominantly Social Model of Disability, and America's predominantly medical model.

So... you know, if you have 90 minutes or so to spare sometime this week, maybe you could check it out so I have someone to talk to about this?

(cross-posted from my own journal)

Edited to add: Spoilers may appear in comments. Read at your own risk.

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You could. Or you could just come back here with your reactions -- I kind of like the idea of keeping traffic going in this space, so that it stays relatively high up in LJ's search results. I this these sorts of discussions deserve wider recognition.

...Though I should probably edit the opening post to warn for spoilers. I'll go do that, now.

We are experiencing technical difficulties, please stand by

The TV guide and the DVR both claim that "Point of Vanishing" is what was recorded, but when I actually played it back it turns out to have been "Pocketful of Rye", which is apparently ten episodes earlier and isn't even an Inspector Lewis story at all.

So... yeah. Not much of a reaction to give right now, sorry to say.

Re: We are experiencing technical difficulties, please stand by

Oh, poo.

Can you watch videos on your computer? If so, PBS runs whole episodes of certain shows (like Mystery! and Nova) for a certain period (maybe a month) after the original broadcast.

Just a thought...

Re: We are experiencing technical difficulties, please stand by

Thanks for the tipoff.

I can watch internet videos most of the time, but occasionally I'll come across one that stubbornly refuses to cooperate- I think it may be a format issue. If all else fails, I can always see if someone's put it up on Youtube.

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